Pokemon © Nintendo and etc. Whew! It’s been a while since I’ve written anything… For this fic, I chose to write it using the Japanese names. Read it and you’ll see why. BTW, I don't think this story would make a lot of sense if you don't know the difference between Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji. Oh well. ^__^

The Cast
Satoshi= Ash
Kasumi= Misty
Takeshi= Brock
Pikachu= Pikachu
The Rocket Gang= Team Rocket

A Challenge to Read
by mei-chan

It was a bright and sunny day. Satoshi-tachi were enjoying the peace and quiet by having a picnic. However… suddenly the Rocket Gang appeared out of nowhere. They started their speech and released a new nifty gadget that was sure to capture Pikachu once and for all.

But… a strange sound came from the gadget and then there was a huge explosion!!! BOOOOOM!! The Rocket Gang flew up in the air.

“Nan da?” Satoshi said, he then noticed something laying on the ground. It was a diary!!! It was Kasumi’s diary!!!!!! Satoshi debated if he should:

a) give the diary back to Kasumi
b) keep the diary and see what kind of secrets she wrote in it.

He chose B.

That night when Takeshi, Kasumi, and Pikachu were asleep, Satoshi crept out of his sleeping bag to secretly read the diary.

Satoshi opened it, eagarly wondering what was written inside. But to his horror, he discovered Kanji!!

“Wa-ta-shi- wa Ka-a-a-a-su-u-u-mi. Ni-i-i-p-p-on-jin de—de—su.” Satoshi struggled with the katakana, hiragana, and…Kanji.

“Ano… This is too hard. D*** I wished I had stayed in school and learned how to read better.” And so Satoshi never got past the first paragraph, which if he had, he would have been shocked for the rest of his life.

The End.

Nihon-go ( the Japanese words):
Satoshi-tachi= Satoshi and company
Nan da?= what the?
“Watashi wa Kasumi. Nippon-jin desu”= I am Kasumi, I’m Japanese. (Couldn’t think of anything else ^^;;)
Ano: Ummm...
Katakana= Simplified Japanese Characters
Hiragana= Simplified Japanese Characters
Kanji= really, really hard Chinese/Japanese characters.

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